Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Film Review!!!

Men In Black 3

For those of you who haven't seen the other films, I'm getting my guest person to do a guest review, for those of you who have, just scroll to the bottom and read mine! (By the way, we watched it in 3D, but it wasn't much different in my opinion and it doesn't really matter what you watch it in.)


Emily (my sister)
This is her review for people who haven't seen the other films.
"I haven't seen the other films so I didn't know if I should've watched them first, but it didn't matter at all."
"I understood the story straight away and it was really good."
"Agent J (Will Smith) needs to save his partner, Agent K from being killed in 1969 by Boris the Animal, who's an alien.To do this he has to go back to 1969 and stop Boris."
"I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys Sci-fi, fiction, comedies."
"I'm only 11 and I thought it wasn't scary, except from Boris the Animal who was a bit scary because he had pointy, disguisting teeth and a scorpion like creature in his hand, ewwwww.
"I think the youngest age I would recommend is about 7 or 8."

Back to me!
 I agree with Emily on everything. If you've seen the other films, apart from a few jokes others may not understand, it doesn't really mention anything about the others much.

Holly Rates: 9/10
Emily Rates 10/10

Thank You For Listening:
and my guest

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