Friday, 31 August 2012

Friday Favourites!!!

So... here are my Friday Favourites!
(BTW these are all things I have read or seen or heard in the last week or two. Not all time)

Favourite Book:
Gone - Michael Grant
I loved this book and can't wait for the next one.
I'll do a review once I've read the whole series!

Favourite Song(s):
Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift 

Both Of Us - Taylor Swift. ft. B.O.B
Sorry I couldn't choose only one.
What do you think?

Favourite Movie:
I went to see Brave with Sophie and it was really good.
Here's the trailer below:

Favourite Program:
What? 1 program?!?!?! I can't pick one. Wait...
This is going to take too long.
I'm not going to do a Favourite Program section as it'll probably be the same each week.

Favourite Picture:
This kept me laughing for at least ten minutes. LOL!

Favourite Colour:
Sky blue. Dunno why I'm just loving it right now.

Favourite Nails: (see here)
Sorry about the bad picture.

That's the end sorry. 

Got any ideas for other sections? Comment Below!
Want to join in? Tag your Friday Favourites post, you guessed it, Friday Favourites!
Comment your thoughts below please!


  1. Really want to read Gone & Divergent! :)

  2. Love brave!! new follower - love your blog

  3. Love GONE such a good book :)

    ~Emza & Zana~


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