Monday, 27 August 2012


So, I got a nail art kit with pens and here are the results.
(by the way, I've done loads more but 1. doing your own nails in detail is quite hard and 2. I'm still experimenting so a lot of polish remover is being used by me right now!!!)

Union Jack
Not the best as I did them quickly and it was also the first time I'd tried them.

Hello Kitty (Kitty, Kitty!!!)
I'm not actually wearing this right now, one of the first designs I tried. It's OK I guess.

Love the zips!

Paw Prints
(sorry about the bad picture. I had to use my webcam for it and I'm on my laptop so it's really hard!)
These seem to be everyone's favourite, they're probably the easiest to do because I can do it on any size nails and they can be any size too.

I love Elmo!
(sorry about this bad pic as well)

I absolutely LOVE the Converse nails. You can mix and match the colours around in any way and they look really cool too.

Thank you for looking, I'll post any more I do.

Comment your favourites and any designs you'd like me to try.


  1. I adore theses! They look incredible, my favorites are paw prints and the Elmo!

  2. Wow! They're really good, especially the Hello Kitty and the Elmo :) x


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