Sunday, 5 August 2012

Pets are family! Animals are friends!

I have 3 pets!




Milo is a Jack Russell and he's 4 and a half months old!

 What's he looking at?

 He won't wear this even though it's sooo cute!


Ripley is a British Blue Cross and she's 1 year old on 16th August!

 She's very sleepy.


 I love this picture! I even had it on my birthday card!


 That's through the window!

 Don't be sad!

She thinks she's an egg!

Which is the odd one out? I wonder.

Lola is a Boxerdor Retriever and she's 3 until 9th November when she's 4! (obviously)

She takes the Jubilee very seriously.

Her with Ripley!

Writing her name! 
Full story here.

So those are my pets! 

Do have have any?
Want any?
Used to have any?
Know any?

I absolutely HATE cruelty to animals!
Towards the end of school we had to do a project on a charity of our choice and I picked the RSPCA!
Some of the stories were horrible. I don't know how people can just abandon their pets, or neglect them.
I don't know how people can be so cruel and anyone who hurts anyone or anything should be punished.
If you go to then you can see the horrible stories for yourself and they really are horrible. But the people who work for the RSPCA are so kind and they are truly good people considering they're all volunteers.
I want to do that because I LOVE animals but I couldn't be a vet.
Yes this is disorganized but you get the drift?

What about you?


  1. Your pets are sooo cute! I love the photo of Lola and ripley :) Do they get along well?


    1. Yeah, they love each other like sisters.


  2. So cute! Love the picture of Ripley smiling! I hate cruelty to animals, could never be a vet though. I did want to be one when I was little but it changed when I was 9.

  3. Aww Ripley is so cute! Adorable!
    I have a cat... but live with 9. the other 8 belong to my sister/just like to live with us/ my cats kittens....
    Oh and I have awarded you the versatile blogger!
    Marian :D x


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