Sunday, 1 July 2012

Caption Contest!

I haven't been on for AGES, but I have had an idea! 


I will post a picture with speech bubbles and all you have to do is fill it in.
Please don't be inappropriate or anything because it's just a bit of fun!
So here goes:

Just comment:
1: (what 1 should say)
2: (what 2 should say)


  1. 1. I'm innocent!! I promise I didn't eat the last yellow gummy bear!!

    2. Likely story, Theif!!


  2. 1. I surrender! I have fish breath don't I?
    2. Who enjoyed some fishing today?

  3. 1. I'm sorry, my paw slipped. Please don't sue me!
    2. You .... I asked for a straight cut, not LAYERS!

  4. This contest is now finished and I have announced the winner!


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