Monday, 23 July 2012

My own Hunger Games!

Yes, yet another competition is here!

This is based on The Hunger Games!
All you do is create your own games!

You can either do it when you name each tribute and how they died, who they were killed by, what they came, and an overall summary of the Games. etc. etc.
You can do it like a story, how Katniss does it in the books.

Make sure you pick what Hunger Games it is, and you could even invent the 
4th Quarter Quell. (100th Games)

E-Mail it to me at

You have until September 1st!

1st place - Your Hunger Games is published onto my blog, you get a guest post on my blog and your blog button is put onto my sidebar.
Runners-Up - Your Hunger Games is published onto my blog.

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