Tuesday, 31 July 2012

I love...the Beach!

I went to the beach today!

I wrote my name in the sand!

And so did Lola!
(yes, she's my dog. My Champion Speller Dog, obviously)

and another beach is...

I went on holiday to Egypt a few months ago and the beach there was lovely!
Our resort was huge and it had its own private beach.
That's from the end of the pier, looking back at the beach and resort.
The sea (Red Sea) was warm (like sea should be), blue (like sea should be) and clear. (like sea should be)

Oh, and there were all sorts of fish!
I went snorkeling with my underwater camera down the reef!
It was easy to get to as they had a pier to about halfway and the swim to the actual reef was more life a wade through water.
The actual reef was about 20 foot deep and here are some of my best pics!
(By the way : - I know they're not absolutely amazing but the sea and fish are moving so it's very hard to get a fish right in the middle. The last one is the best though!)

The Sea Urchins! (which are horrible)

There were loads of these fish there!

Just a random fish!

Random fish has made a friend!

I called these 'Rainbow Fish' and I love this picture because the colours are amazing and if you look closely you can see his (or her) eye!

'Rainbow Fish' with another fish in the background - bright colours!

And his twin in the background!
Nemo is very photogenic, and a perfect poser!

Beaches =


  1. Love the last photo! Especially the rainbow fish :)


  2. Watch out! Another award coming your way .... it's the Toujou award!!
    Marian :D x


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