Sunday, 8 July 2012

A for Angry Birds

I've thought of an idea! I'm going to do a post for every letter of the alphabet!
Because 'A' is the first letter, I decided to do it about one of my obsessions - Angry Birds.

I love Angry Birds so much! (Just ask Sophie) I play on it all the time and I also have:




And once I even got it to say my name:

(it said 'Hollywood' so I hit down the 'wood' part!)

Go on your app store and type it in! 
Trust me. You'll love it too!

May the odds be ever in your favour!


  1. Wow, your obsessed! I didn't realize how many different ones you had. That 'Holly' will never get old. I can't say much with my obsession with THG though

  2. I absolutely ADORE Angry Birds!! And I love your
    Alphabet idea!!!

    Great post!!<3


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